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Mon Oct 8 2007

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Unit

The Edith Cavell Hospital's purpose-built ENT Unit consists of Ward 12 with the adjacent Outpatients and Audiology Departments providing an interlinking multidisciplinary service.

Adult patients with an extensive range of emergency and routine ENT conditions are cared for on Ward 12, paediatric patients are cared for on Amazon, our children's ward at Peterborough District Hospital.  A range of surgical procedures are performed including mastoid and middle ear surgery, nasal / sinus surgery, major and minor head and neck surgery including operations on the larynx, pharynx, thyroid, parathyroid and salivary glands.

Combining technology with expertise outpatient and specialist clinics offer prompt effective diagnosis and treatment at a time to suit patients and clinical need.  Patients with general ear, nose and throat diseases, voice disorders, neck lumps, cancers of the head and neck, balance and hearing disorders, thyroid and nasal disease are cared for.  Innovative nurse led services increase patients choice and access to treatment including rapid access tonsillectomy, aural care and allergy clinics.

Utilising the latest technology the audiology department performs comprehensive audiological assessment for adults and children with a wide range of ENT conditions.

Our dedicated team of professionals deliver the highest quality care in a clean and safe environment.

The following booklets are available from the ENT department:

 Acupuncture Nut allergy
 Adenoidectomy - child Otitis externa
 Adenotonsillectomy - child One stop # Nose Clinic
 Allergy testing Pet allergies
 Audiogram: understanding hearing tests Post nasal drip
 Basal cell skin cancer Skin allergies
 Cancer of larynx Sinusitis
 Combined approach tympanoplasty Smell and Taste Disorders
 Ear dewaxing SMR
 Ear perforation Septoplasty
 Epistaxis Septorhinoplsty
 Fine needle aspiration Stapedectomy
 Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Superficial parotidectomy

 Grommet insertion if no biopsy to post 
 nasal space - adult

 Submandibular gland removal
 Grommet insertion - child Total parotidectomy
 Intratympanic Gentamicin Tonsillectomy - child
 Latex allergy Tonsillectomy
 Laryngoscopy/microlaryngoscopy - child Total Laryngectomy
 Laryngoscopy / microlaryngoscopy Thyroidectomy
 Management of allergic rhinitis Thyroid lobectomy
 Myringoplasty Thyroidectomy - throtixicosis
 Myringoplasty - child Thyroidectomy - Tumour
 Neck dissection Thyroplasty
 Nasal cautery in clinic Trimming of turbinates
 Nasal polyps Tracheostomy
 Nasendoscopy What are nasal sprays
 Non allergic rhinitis Waiting list for operation

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 Consultants Special interestsENT Secretaries
Mr A G Pfleiderer (lead clinician)Head, neck & thyroid surgery otology, neuro-otologyElizabeth Mitchell
Mr N A BhatRhinology and Endoscopic Sinus surgery
Thyroid and Head & Neck Surgery
Voice disorders
Paediatric ENT
Sue Dibble
Mr P Leong Rhinology, FESS, allergy, acupunctureAngela Coulson
Miss C HorrocksRhinology, Military of DefenceLaura Quigley
Specialist ENT Nurse PractitionerCarole Turton 
Clinical Services ManagerNathan Stuart  
Senior AudiologistsSheena Newman 
 Wendy Stansbridge 
 Jayne Mc Kerchar-Kaye 
 Matthew Powell 
 Anita Clarke 
Audiologoy Clerical Receptionists

Eva Whales
Trish Parker


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